Prenatal Nutrition

Nourish your baby into life with fresh nutrients and vitamins.

Whole Prenatal Vitamins

Research shows that the best way to guarantee that you are receiving your Daily Recommended Allowance ​of Vitamins and Minerals, is to eat them!

Prenatal Supplements are good for filling in the gaps that our diet may lack and with a solid foundation of eating your daily nutrition, your babies health increases exponentially.

Of course, all mothers want to guarantee that they are eating as healthy as possible to grow a strong and healthy baby. With all of the preparation for baby's arrival, it can be quite overwhelming to determine What to eat and How much?

With the Whole Prenatal Vitamin package, Farmed Fresh Food will be delivered weekly to your home, satisfying the Nutritional Requirements needed to achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

*Program Tentative Due to Covid-19


Prenatal Nutrition Guide

There are many vitamins and minerals that help grow our bodies. As a pregnant mother, some of these nutrients are fed directly to your baby through the placenta, and others your baby ciphers from your reserves. Knowing the difference helps you to determine how much of each vitamin to eat. 

Have all of your Recommended Daily Allowances for your pregnancy in one guide. You will learn which foods to eat for Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, including other minerals such as Calcium, Riboflavin, Selenium and more.


The Prenatal Nutrition guide will provide this necessary information to help you with the growth and development of your child.

*Postponed due to Covid-19