After your Birth

Centering the mother is the top priority in service to the family. The wellness of the family is rooted in the wellness of the mother.

Every mother deserves to feel comfortable, peaceful and supported during her postpartum recovery. After you've given birth, for two weeks I will immerse myself into your life.


I study your family structure, strengths and challenges. By positioning myself as an extended member, intuitively I am filling the gaps that are needed to build strong support around the new mother and baby. 

Helping families understand their baby’s development as well as the new dynamics, routines and home organization is necessary for supporting a holistic lifestyle for the entire family.

From Breastfeeding, Co-sleeping, Baby wearing to Cloth Diapering, you have choices to support you in having a stress-free journey.

Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected. Feel rejuvenated with warm and healthy blood building foods and herbs delivered straight to your kitchen, for easy meal preparation.


Within your two weeks postpartum, you will be nourished with freshly prepared postpartum meals and herbal remedies to support the healing of your body and mind.

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