Meet Nekaiya

The Farm Doula

As a compassionate advocate for mothers, babies and the families that support them, I enjoy serving women who desire to use their journey into motherhood as a catalyst into a holistic transformation. 


Being a Certified Holistic Doula, I provide comprehensive care from Mind Connections to Body Wellness through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Supporting women who are striving for an empowering, autonomous and transformative birth, my services include Prenatal Meal Delivery, Placenta Encapsulation, Lotus Birth Consulting, Belly Binding and Nutritional Guidance including postpartum herbal remedies. 


The "Farm" in Doula

As an avid gardener of 5 years, I had been ready to expand into a full fledge farm (well micro-farm.. since this is Chicago). The summer of 2019 I began growing food for my postpartum mothers in my Farm Plot. Servicing over 20 families, I started to see a pattern to this thing we call “Postpartum”. Of course becoming a new mommy you get the tiredness, fatigue, the moodiness and sadness but it was more than that. At times mothers were 6 months post birth and were still feeling as if they couldn’t “catch up on rest.” Often times they experienced more symptoms than what they started with. Symptoms of feeling anxious, irritable and weak. I knew then what the culprit was, lack of  N U T R I T I O N. 


What we eat greatly impacts our mental health and most of my mothers were in self-sacrificial mommy mode. How could they have time to feed themselves healthy, nutrient dense, organic food when the baby demanded so much? 


This was the birth of The Farm Doula. I had been a Doula for almost a year and I wanted to do more than just provide emotional, spiritual and physical support during birth. I wanted to stay with my families and help my mothers build a strong foundation supporting a holistic lifestyle. Starting with proper nutrition we would sit down and take a journey, discovering how they maintained enough energy to care for themselves and their families. By implementing a simple yet strategic nutrition goal, I would prep healthy meals with local food grown from my farm and other farms, to support their goal. 


My mothers were thriving! Thats the key to motherhood, being full of abundance to pour into your family. Starting with themselves and their nutrition they felt better, healed faster, weren’t sleep deprived, and were confident to care for their babies.