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Holistic Living with The Farm Doula

The Farm Doula

Certified Holistic Doula & Nutrition Expert

A healthy outside, starts from the inside. Feeling confident, comfortable and secure is important for a healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


But did you know your food affects your emotional health as well as your physical?


As a Holistic Doula, I provide comprehensive services from Prenatal care to Postpartum meals. 


The wellness of you and your baby in every aspect is my concern. 


What I Specialize In

Placenta Encapsulation

Whole Prenatal Vitamins

Holistic Birth

Postpartum Support

Prenatal Nutrition Guides

The Journey Towards a Holistic Pregnancy begins with Healthy Nutrition. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Im Grateful women like Nekaiya are called to birth. Her work is life changing."

-Courtney S.

"Nekaiya was all that my new baby and I could ask for! She was warm, genuine and Knowledgeable."

-Marcia E.

"Nekaiya allowed my children to set the pace upon meeting them and they had a great time playing with her. This is the best feeling a mom could ask for."

- Sara R.

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